Heart Healing Hibiscus Rose Tea

Roses are intense in their essence. There is no denying their deeply sensual fragrance, which immediately evoke a spirit of love and calmness. They are one of the most widely used herbal remedies and can be found in everything from body oils to facial toners.
Hibiscus is another powerful healing flower. It is highly prized in West African and Caribbean cultures due to its high antioxidant count and can also be found in various beauty products.  While not as evocative as the rose, its trumpet like petals are stunning and it has a subtle, sweet fragrance. Aromatic plants play an important role in healing because scent is a biological phenomena. Experiencing floral scents can relax our tense muscles while simultaneously stimulating our physical and emotional energies.

Both roses and hibiscus are rich in malic acid which has a slight diuretic affect on the body, allowing us to release unnecessary fluids. Additionally, hibiscus is known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, both of which are risk factors associated with heart disease. Energetically, these plants assist us with releasing emotions that are no longer useful to our spirit. The hibiscus plant is a beautiful reminder of the importance of letting go. While it blooms year round, each flower only lasts a few days before gently falling to the ground. 
These two plants combine beautifully to make a deeply nourishing, heart healing remedy. Rose petals (as well as rose hips) are high in Vitamin C, which supports our immune system. Just as the rose has its thorns, we are also equipped with our own methods of protection. A strong immune system is our first line of defense against illness. When we think of illnesses, it's important to remember that emotional imbalances often contribute to physical ailments. By using natural plant remedies, we can  address both the emotional and physical aspects of wellbeing.

||Heart Healing Hibiscus + Rose Tea||


  • 4 cups of boiling water
  • 2 tablespoons of dried rose petals
  • 2 tablespoons of dried hibiscus
I purchased my dried rose petals from my herbalist at Sacred Vibes Apothecary , however they can be found at most health food markets. Dried hibiscus is most commonly found at Latin American or Caribbean stores, where is it known as "Flor de Jamaica". You can also find hibiscus and rose tea bags at most natural food stores. 


  • Place hibiscus and rose petals in a large mug or teapot. Add boiling water and steep for 10 minutes, or longer if you prefer a stronger flavor. A good indicator of when to end the brewing process is to observe when the the petals begin to unfold and become soft and fragile.
  • Once the tea is finished brewing, you can strain the flowers or keep them in the mug/teapot as they will still be beautiful and fragrant. This tea is as delicious hot as it is chilled, so simply allow the flowers to continue infusing as the tea cools. Instead of discarding the flowers, you can store them in a small jar in the fridge and add a spoonful to yogurt, oatmeal or even use them to infuse your water. 
The hibiscus creates a faint citrus tang and the infusion of rose petals leave a delicious hint of sweetness. In addition to being beautiful and fragrant, this tea is incredibly soothing, as both plants have delicate floral notes that calm the senses with each sip.  

While I enjoyed my tea as is, you could add honey or another natural sweetener if desired. As I sipped on my tea, I nibbled on the soft petals that almost melted on my tongue. The rose petals were especially delicious and are a natural breath freshener.

In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, red foods are nourishing to our root or base chakra. In addition to providing support to our heart, this brew also keeps us grounded and self confident. It's the perfect remedy to assist in your healing the next time you find yourself working through some emotional issues or even if you've just had a bad day. Simply sprinkle a handful of these petals into a mug and let the stress fall away as they nourish your heart and lift your spirits.